The Third Culture Kid (TCK) Experience: A Southeast Asian Perspective

Date(s) - 24/11/2021
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Join us on 24 November from 5pm to 6:30pm (GMT+8) for this complimentary interactive session on the theme of ‘The Third Culture Kid Experience: a Southeast Asian Perspective’.

Our panelists will offer different perspectives on growing up ‘among worlds’ from the perspective of those in or from Southeast Asia, as well as guidance, tips and resources for you and your global family to make the most of this valuable but sometimes challenging experience.

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Panelists will include:

Danau Tanu, Ph.D.

Danau is an anthropologist who specializes in researching international education and youth mobility. Her doctoral research was published as the first and only book on structural racism in international schools: Growing Up in Transit: The Politics of Belonging at an International School. She holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in anthropology, sociology and Asian studies from the University of Western Australia and will be joining Waseda University’s Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies as a Visiting Research Fellow in March 2022.

Currently, Danau is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia and volunteers as Co-Chair of the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) Research Network and Co-Founder of TCKs of Asia. She also has first-hand experience in her subject area having moved between several countries as a child while attending both international and local public schools. She grew up speaking Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin) at home and English at school. You can find out more about Danau at


Joshua Tan

A qualified art psychotherapist and adult Third Culture Kid (TCK) born in Singapore, Joshua has a diverse, cross-cultural experience working with people using the creative arts, including individuals with special needs.

As a former designer and special needs art facilitator who has experienced moving between countries and boarding school in Southeast Asia from a young age, Joshua has seen first-hand how art has the powerful ability to give others a voice and a place in their own journeys of discovery. He is particularly passionate about exploring the cross-cultural experience and making art accessible to all ages and abilities, especially as a two-time TEDx speaker and multi-disciplinary artist.

Trained in MA Art Therapy in the United Kingdom, Joshua has provided art therapy to children, adolescents and adults in community mental health settings across England’s National Health Service (NHS). He is currently based in Singapore, where he works at Psych Connect, a private therapy practice that regularly engages with TCKs from all backgrounds.

You can find out more about Joshua, and his own art, at


Joyce Jenkins

Joyce is co-founder and board member of SIETAR Southeast Asia and Past President of SIETAR Europa (Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research). She is an intercultural coach, lecturer, and researcher with a MA in Intercultural Communication. Her passion for helping people work and interact effectively across cultures was inspired by her experience as a TCK, including High School at the International School Bangkok (ISB), where she was President of the Thai History and Culture Club, recipient of the foreign languages award and the Scarlet Elephant Award for her work with Cambodian refugees.  Joyce has lived in Singapore for over 12 years as well as in France, China, Japan, Pakistan and the UK and has brought up her two children as TCKs in Southeast Asia.

Joyce presented at the Families in Global Transition’s (FIGT) conference in 2021 sharing findings from her MA research indicating that living abroad, particularly during developmental years, strengthens open mindedness and flexibility, which are key to international and intercultural success


Dr. Monika F. de Waal MBA CMC has become a specialist in organizational development, change and strategic management, with a long-term commitment to improving the effectiveness of intercultural interactions, with the support of a team of international colleagues. Tracking and changing mind bugs in mental models upon which organizations base their vision is part of her approach.

As a Third Culture Kid, having grown up the first part of her youth in Pakistan, she has a keen interest in people and cultures. Her doctoral research has just been concluded in September 2021 at the Erasmus School for Behavioural and Social Sciences after 10 years and resulted in the book Third Culture Kids as Unique Sources, their intercultural competences and cultural identities at work. In her work as a consultant, trainer, (e)coach and facilitator the results of the studies on TCKs and preferred styles of leadership, their diversity beliefs, and their Cultural Fusion Identity unfolds clearly.

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